XXXVIII. Weismann’s Rage (ii) (first published 3-19-2013)

on how the rage came into being. Certainly, he wasn’t its creator. Rather, he came into it, as though it were waiting for him. But specifically for him? Was the rage his own personal rage? Or was it a collective construction, existing between and beyond the points in the matrix? And the rage would quell, hide out, seek other shores. Did it exist when it was gone? Some days, Weismann walked blocks and blocks, feeling nothing but a universal love taking hold and then, from nowhere, it would come at him from around the corner and knock him off his feet. It played games, it joked, it devoured his spine. And he questioned it, interrogated it, and meanwhile it was interrogating him. Who are you? he asked it, to which it responded, Why do you think that that person is looking at you with such contempt? Weismann glanced over, then back. And do you believe, he said, that


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