XXXIX. Qoheleth (iii) (first published 3-20-2013)

And now Qoheleth is dancing, dancing like a circus bear
Spinning round, lifting his frock in the air,
Hopping from one foot to the other,

God Bless Me God Bless Me God Bless Me
He laughs,
Sin, folks, sin. You engage in it, you revel in it,
You love it. And how are we to turn from love of love
To love of Love? How are we to love the One whom we should love?
We must learn to love sin enough to kill the sinner in us.
Sin with me, sin with me. God bless me!

Q. lives in a broom closet.
Q. eats nettle soup.
Q. sells fruit by the side of the road.
Q. got a million dollar advance on his next book.
Q. has three wives.
Q. does not live in a broom closet.

Love your neighbor. Love your neighbor and sin with her.
And then repent and kill the sin!
And hate the sinner in us!

Q. didn’t get a vote in the selection of the new pope.


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