XXXIV. Time Stanzas (originally posted 2-13-13; originally misnumbered)

“I have written some new poetry; I just don’t know what it’s about”
–       Hirohito in Sokurov’s The Sun

Sadness, syncope, striation.
Time is the poem is the distance from A to B is the passage of time.
(Zeno’s paradox. Not a paradox when you incorporate T.)
Shall we add, Synchrony?

Striation as image of time.
We met we loved we sedimented
(but not while my parents are upstairs sleeping).
What remains is a photograph (overused metaphor of frozen time).
(Barthes says, “I am looking at eyes that looked at the emperor”).

Syncope, the staggered beat.
We believe that we can overcome the
Fatal beat through an act of will: Add
A beat, and all will be right. Ass-
Ertion. Proposition.
Free will.

Sadness: melancholy of the fulfillment of what we know to be true in advance.



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