XXV. Excavating the Heap (first published 1-24-13)

Altman died in 2006.
It’s rare that you can say of someone, “They’re generous.”
Sleeping on the Q train, lady.
I want to love like a child.
Hate makes way.
Oh oh oh, the beautiful lie!
Perhaps you should read Thich Nath Hanh.
Perhaps you should try meditation.
Perhaps you should watch Downton Abbey.
Is there an answer in the sprawling networks?
“I asked Margaret if, when she was a kid, her Barbie dolls displayed complex social groupings; she said they did.”
You should really watch Downton Abbey.
I never got to meet him. Altman, that is. Chris Marker, either. I think Marker would have been nicer to meet.
Hurled a litany of abuse at
Had sex in an airplane with
Got food poisoning from
Watched Gosford Park with
No, really. Watch Downton Abbey. I would, but I just don’t care.


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