XIX. On Dead Horses (first published 1-14-13)

“stop beating a dead horse… the horse is dead!”

– 01132013@mac.hush.com

Proposition: there are an infinite number of dead horses in the universe, corresponding to an infinite number of potential trajectories.

One: imagine each dead horse, but in the abstract. In other words, extrapolate from one to ten to ten thousand. Imagine beating those dead horses and, similarly, extrapolate from one beating to ten beatings to ten thousand beatings.

Two: Set an arbitrary number of dead horses as representative of infinite dead horses.

Three: Commit yourself to beating each one of those arbitrary horses, regardless of your commitment to beating horses or your commitment to the Idea.

Four: Beat the dead horses in a public forum. Let the beatings reflect on the nature of the forum. Let the beatings interfere with the normal proceedings of the forum. Let every beautiful sentiment expressed in that forum be tarnished by the presence of the beating of dead horses.

Five: Reach your arbitrary target number of arbitrary beatings – which will remain undisclosed until the end.

Six: Stop.


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