XVI. It Is Not Okay to Contact this User with Services or Other Commercial Interests (first posted 1-11-13)

Hi hun r u real?
Hi hun, u real?
U real?
Really you?
Hi, I’m a blonde vixen looking to score
I’m a vixous blonde looking to
I drink Vic’s cough syrup for a gas
Hun ru reel?
See my pictures below
Picture me below
Imagine me
This is a lie
Imagine me lying
Imagine me lying prone
Imagine what our lives could be like
Imagine life without me
I just broke up with my boyfriend
My boyfriend, what a drag
He dressed in drag
He was drug to death by wild horses
He read the Drudge Report
Imagine me blowing
Imagine me below
Image me
Make me real.

Hi hun, ru real?


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