XV. Not So Missed (for Andrea) (first posted 1-10-13)

Family dinner 1pm Group dinner at 6 cozy movie with my friend Iggy toast at 11 pm to all of my friends and there loved ones! Have to get goin

g I’m drunk off of champaign [sic] truffles

No one has a sense of humor anymore ! Scene from Absolutely Fabulous :

Scene from Absolutely Fabulous TV show.. Eddie: But darling, that dress was awful! How did you manage to get her to wear it? Patsy: Oh, I just told her a

cock-and-bull story about how I was a slave to my mother in her dying years and how I always strived to make her like me and she never loved me at all,


Eddie: Ooh!…

[reflects for a second]

Eddie: But Pats, sweetie… That is all *true*. Your mother never loved you at all.

Patsy: DAMN!

Merry Christmas !

Are you back?


YEAR ! ! ! ! XO

Are you back?!


Hey r you back

Want to hang out ?

Ah !

Hey can you hang out tonight ? It’s andrea!

Answer me lazy lamb!

I’m giving up


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