VII. Letters to Dickhead (i) (first posted 1-1-13)

Dear Dickhead, if you see a friend in an online porno video, do you have a responsibility to tell her? If so, how do you go about it? Sincerely, Immorally Aroused.

Dear Immorally,

Sex happens. Dear Immorally, somewhere, Guy Debord plays chess with a robot. Dear I, and the image will come back to us with the fury of dead air. Remember wind in the mountains on a summer night? Remember song? Remember the burning fire and the love and the longing? Dear Immorally, from the air, the lights branch out with witches’ fingers, and the first time you saw it, you thought THAT, that is the perfect synecdoche for all of this something made of nothing, and then gradually, gradually, it too began to feel stale, used up. Beg the question to avoid the pain. Don’t ask where it came from. Shuffle along DUMBO with disgust and not an ounce of craving left. Lose faith in all gods, even Onan. The sun is hot, even in Winter, who is suffering from carbon dioxide poisoning.

Dear Immorally,

The proper thing to do is to let your friend know that you saw the video with her in it and give her the link to the site. If she’s not a close friend, and it might be creepy for you to tell her, then perhaps avoid the subject, altogether. You don’t want it to appear that you’re blackmailing her or trying to gain leverage in some way.



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